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Hao Du - the development of Chinese digital sensor industry continued to improve

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Compared with foreign countries, ChinaDigital sensorLate start, manufacturing technology and advanced technology in some of the core, Chinese digital sensorThe overall level compared with the developed countries still have a large gap.With the popularization of digital sensor technology, intelligent digital system, China digital sensors will increase in the proportion of the world.
In 2012 the global strain sensor market size for 6540000000 yuan, down 5。1 compared with 2011, mainly because of the global manufacturing industry decline in demand, and the European debt crisis led to the European economy growth is lack of power etc。。 As the economy recovers, the downstream industry, the backlog of demand for emerging global strain sensor, the growth rate will be back on track。
Affected by the market downturn of 2012, in 2013 the overall strain sensor market did not show substantial growth, essentially flat with 2012. In the market is not booming environment, domestic sensor with its price advantage will continue to maintain growth, of which Ningbo Keli, avionics measurement etc. large scale manufacturers market position will be further consolidated.
According to the actual strength of research and development, technology level and production scale, global strain sensor manufacturers can be roughly divided into three echelon:
The first echelon to Multi-National Corporation, such as Vishay, HBM, measuring group Mettler Toledo group and the Swedish Flintec company。 The measurement of Vishay group and HBM company dedicated to provide a one-stop solution; METTLER TOLEDO group at weighing solutions to open up new areas; Sweden Flintec company to complete products, leading technology articles。
Second echelon to avionics test, Ningbo Ke force as the representative of the leading enterprises, Each one has his good points. in segments of the market, the product prices and the downstream application.
The third tier is Chinese, South Korea and other countries in the low-end products manufacturers, such as the production of group Bengbu sensor, its products are mainly sold in the domestic market, competition is mainly reflected in the relatively low labor cost, technology level is relatively low, not to compete in the global market.
Notable is, in the international sensor market with intense competition, Ningbo Ke force sensor Polytron Technologies Inc A new force suddenly rises., become the only company whether sales or sales volume to occupy the top five domestic manufacturers. While the domestic manufacturers in the competition, Ningbo Ke force is be way ahead in avionics ranked second in the test. Market performance stable, help Ningbo Keli in domestic strain sensor manufacturers in the leader position in the long-term.

Keywords: thermal resistance, thermocouple, thermal resistance, platinum resistance,PT100, PT1000, pressure sensor, digital temperature sensor

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