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Hao Du Technology Co. Ltd.Sincerely hope to establish long-term stable business relations with all units, casting machine products and actively supply all kinds of specifications models, contribute to quality and cheap products and high quality after sale service for the development of the business units.
1, dedicated to provide quality products and satisfactory customer service service to customers。
2, on the premise of ensuring product quality, price reasonable to supply.
3, according to the national standard or standard to organize production, to ensure product quality to meet the requirements, when used correctly, the service life is not less than other similar products。
4, to assist the customer science, reasonable choice of product type, specification.
5, our factory products, guarantee repair parts, we have large wearing parts and spare parts warehouse, all year round for the users at home and abroad to provide equipment repair, maintenance spare parts。
6, timely delivery, normally within 6 working days of delivery, special circumstances according to the customer need to agree。
7, the product is used in the user process, quality problems arise, the users receiving the notice, within 24 hours to reply in writing or send service personnel directly to the user site service, and adhere to the fault does not exclude the service personnel do not withdraw from the scene.
8, equipment installation is completed, after passing the acceptance, the user equipment operation and maintenance personnel for technical training for more than a week by the technical personnel and repair maintenance training.
9, equipment delivery, the supplier to provide free maintenance manuals and pieces of equipment installation and equipment drawing. Based on the business, the principle of mutual benefit, mutual cooperation, mutual support, mutual development.

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