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Magnetic suction surface PT100 thermal resistance

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  Magnetic suction surface PT100 platinum resistance, the materials of rare earth magnet as a temperature probe materials, strong suction, fast response, suitable for magnetic surface or can be adsorbed on metal surface temperature.

  The details of the HD-PT100 series of temperature sensors

  When ordering, please inform the following parameters:

    1 PT100 Pt thermal resistance element precision selection (a + 0.15 B ± 0.3 C ± 0.6)

    2 temperature measuring temperature range? (0 ℃ -250 ℃)

    3 wire output? (usually 2 wire /3, wire /4 wire choose one)

    4Wire requirements? (high temperature / wear / corrosion / ex / water / other)

    The 5 lead line length? (common 1M/2M/3M/4M/5M standard)

   The 6 magnet size requirements? (phi 15x15mm, Phi 15x10mm size)

   Tail 7 compensating conductor? (tin /U terminal / metal wire / terminal)

    8Other special requirements, special occasions custom please explain in detail

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