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dedicated DS18B20 digital temperature sensor technology - heat meter

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Special DS18B20 digital temperature sensor heat meter, is based on the temperature measurement products industry demand developed heat meters, heat use table can replace the other similar products, good consistency, characteristics of higher accuracy.

This paragraphTechnical parameters:

The 1 connecting cables: modified PVC wire
2 cable temperature range: -20 ~ 105 ℃
3 cable specifications: 24AWG (0。22mm2)
4: the wire end tin.
5 cable length: 1 meters length can be customized with other standards
6 temperature measuring element: TO-92 DS18B20
7 line: three wire system
The 8 connecting thread: M10*1 mm brass
9 protective tube: ø 5。6mm 304 stainless steel
10: Red silicon rubber sealing ring

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