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8 way temperature acquisition module

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 HD1201B,PT100 temperature acquisition module, with the PT100 resistance temperature sensor, industry based on generic MODBUS-RTU protocol, the practical integration module with low cost temperature on-line monitoring.

  Details of a series of temperature acquisition module HD1201B

    This module can be applied to: (1) the SMT industry temperature data monitoring (2) data for electronic equipment factory temperature monitoring (3) cold storage temperature monitoring (4) warehouse temperature monitoring (5) GMP pharmaceutical monitoring system (6) environmental temperature monitoring (7) telecommunications room temperature monitoring (8) air conditioning control system and other need to monitor the temperature of various occasions.
    For the convenience of engineering design and industrial application, this module uses the MODBUS-RTU protocol is widely used in industry, support two times development。 Users need only according to our protocol can use any serial communication software modules for data and settings。

  This product according to the different number of channels, there are three models for users to choose

The product model



4 channel


8 channel


16 wayAvenue

  The characteristics of the product

    This product provides a software correction and manual correction in two ways

    The 1 uses 16 high precision AD converter
    Design of RS485 chip 2 industrial grade, RS485 communication interface, up to 1。2 km from
    3 standard MODBUS-RTU protocol, can be used with configuration software or PLC connections
    4 industry standard guide rail mounting, convenient installation
    5 6-24V wide power supply, industrial design, stable and reliable
    The 6 scheme, each sensor has an address, can set the mind set.
    7 and three wire sensor and module maximum distance up to 150 meters
    8 buy to send test software
    9 industry standard guide rail mounting, convenient installation
   10 prompt communication protocol, easy to develop two times
   11 other support 4800\9600\14400\19200 wave rate

  Technical parameters



Input voltage

DC6~24V, DC12V

Power loss

40mW (@DC12V)

The measuring range

-30 ℃ ~300 ℃


0。1 ℃

Measurement precision

± 1%FSD or <1 ℃

Input channel number

4 channel, 8 channel, 16 channel matching

Work environment

-10 ℃ ~85 ℃ 5~95%RH

Storage temperature

-20 ℃ ~70 ℃

Baud rate

9600 (can be customized other baud rate)

Communication port


Means of communication

The Modbus-RTU protocol

Signal input

2 wire /3, wire Pt100


0.2kg +%10

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