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High temperature thermocouple

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  • Brand:    HD-SE-08
  • Type:    HD-SE-08
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Brief introduction

    General packaging thermocouple temperature sensor, is composed of a stainless steel tube, thermocouple package inside, lead wire, to protect the test end, used in wet, bad and so on need of environment, and adopt new welding technology to make the thermocouple does not fall off in a harsh environment.

HD-SE-08Detailed series of temperature sensors

When ordering, please inform the following parameters:

    Selection of 1 thermocouple (K, J,S, B, E, R, T)

    2 measuring range? (200 ℃ ~ 1300 ℃, under special circumstances -270 ~ 2800 ℃)

   3 wire requirements? (high temperature / wear / corrosion / ex / water / other)

    The 4 lead line length? (common 1M/2M/3M/4M/5M standard)

   5 of diameter D and length L? (3x30mm 4x30mm 5x30mm 6x30mm)Or the use of new welding package?

    Tail 6 compensating conductor? (tin /U terminal / metal wire / terminal)

    7Other special requirements, special occasions custom please explain in detail

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