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Hao Du technology - rail type PT100 temperature transmitter

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HD-TTSeries temperature transmitter module is for thermal resistance type (Pt100,Pt1000,Cu50,Cu100The temperature sensor supporting etc。)4~20mA, two-wire DC output module。 Can form a complete set of integrated temperature transmitter, also can be installed separately。 The module adopts imported devices, SMT assembly, stable and reliable performance, small volume, convenient installation。

The module of the security proof, has powerful protection function, fully open in the sensor (not to), the output current ≤ 3.6mA; when the sensor line open circuit, module for the protection of output, the maximum current of not more than 25 ± 2mA.

Main technical parameters:

  Input signal:Three wire PT100/PT1000

Output signal:4~20mA DCTwo-wire system/ /0 - 5V/10V DCThree wire system

Working voltage:24V DC(12V~30V DC)

  Accuracy grade:0.1%,0.2%,0.5%

Load capacity:0~500.

Working environment: temperature range-20C ~+80C, non corrosive gas

Protection of output current: the maximum output current ≤27mA,The minimum output current ≤3.6mA

The size of the circuit board:89 x 21mm

Case size:94 × 24 mm H 41mmRail groove width36mm

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