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The PT100 circular temperature transmitter

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Series temperature transmitter module HD-TT is the thermal resistance type (Pt100, Pt1000, Cu50, Cu100) temperature sensor matched 4 ~ 20mA, two-wire DC output module. Can form a complete set of integrated temperature transmitter, also can be installed separately. The module adopts imported devices, SMT assembly, stable and reliable performance, small volume, convenient installation.

HD-TT series temperature transmitter moduleDetails


The module of the security proof, has powerful protection function, fully open in the sensor (not to), the output current ≤ 3.6mA; when the sensor line open circuit, module for the protection of output, the maximum current of not more than 25 ± 2mA.

Main technical parameters:

Output: 4 ~ 20mA DC two-wire system
Working voltage: 24V DC (12V 30V DC)
Precision grade: 0。1%, 0。2%, 0。5%
Load capacity: 0 ~ 500。
Temperature coefficient: 150ppm
Working environment: the temperature range of -25 ℃ ~ +85 ℃, non corrosive gas
Protection of output current: maximum output current is 27mA, the minimum output current ≤ 3。6mA
Dimensions: 45 x 22mm (maximum height of 24mm)
Mounting hole distance: 36mm wiring diagram shown in Figure 1 (three line), 2 (two-wire system)

Matters needing attention:
1, inspection or use of users and products factory calibration status have certain difference, if the test transmitter module output trace deviation, which is a normal phenomenon, the calibration can trace. Calibration should be carried out in power after 5 minutes.

2, the calibration method: (1) with resistance box or other signal source generator instead of thermal resistance in Figure 1 wiring. (2) according to the indexing table. The corresponding resistance box to the lower limit of the range of the resistance, fine tune the zero potentiometer, the current meter reading is 4mA. (3) according to the table, the corresponding resistance box to the upper range of the resistance, fine tune the full belly potentiometer, the current meter reading is 20mA. (4) completed (if necessary, repeat steps (2) (3), so as to meet the requirements).

3, the transmitter module and the temperature measuring point should maintain certain distance, to ensure that the range of working temperature range module is not more than -25 ℃ ~ +85 ℃。
4, the relationship between power supply and load capacity. When the signal of 20mA output, and ensure the constant flow conditions, instrument power supply voltage E and load RL with figure 2.
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