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The pressure spring fixed thermocouple

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  • Brand:    HD-SE-08
  • Type:    HD-SE-RET
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Brief introduction

    HD-RET type pressure spring fixed chromel constantan thermocouple thermocouple tip and the surface of the measured object close to the pressure spring, in order to improve the measurement accuracy and reliability。 It shows that the use of instruments and other facilities, which can directly measure the temperature of 0~400 ℃。Thermocouple extension wire with a soft, can be freely bent, with the thermal response time is small, easy to use, suitable for plastic extrusion machine, textile, food industry etc。。

  The details of the HD-SE-08 series of temperature sensors


  1, the structure principle

    The action principle of HD-RET type thermocouple, and allowable deviation calibration characteristics, reference end (cold junction temperature compensation), and display method of measuring instrument are connected with the same general thermocouple。

    The structure of HD-RET type thermocouple as shown in the diagram, the protection tube, the mounting bolts. The locking sleeve, the spring and the thermocouple wires.

  2, the installation method

    HD-RET type thermocouple installation method as shown in figure, the object to be measured, is fixed on the top, the first connecting bolts on the measured object, then the thermocouple clung to the analyte, tighten the clamping sleeve screw, the screw locking sleeve。 
  3, model specification

Note: the order shall include: 1) the product name and model 2) length and the depth (L*L 1 *L 2) 3) index number to play the "*" represents a special order specification.

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